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Packaging-free shopping is both the newest and the oldest trend in the world. New because after 50 odd years of plastic convenience, we are only now really understanding our impact on Mother Earth and searching for new ways to live a more sustainable life. Old because packaging free was the only way our Grandparents could shop. By reducing our packaging and consumer habits, we can reduce the impact we have on our health and the health of the planet.

At Hopper Eco Shop we strive to offer a different way of shopping, one that allows our customers to slow down, reduce packaging and learn about alternatives. We engage with our customers to provide information about products and find out what their waste-free struggles are. We are always asking “how can we do things differently, is there another way?”.

The shop aims to cut down on waste and packaging by offering refillable whole foods and working closely with local suppliers to reduce waste through the supply chain. We are driven to support Wellingtonians to minimise waste and be more mindful about how and what they buy.


Hopper Home Eco Shop also offers workshops and events based around education, connection and behaviour change to create a shift in the way we consume across all waste streams.