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FIggy & Co. is a locally owned and operated business that provides natural, non-toxic, home cleaning on a budget. Figgy & Co. provide us with BULK tubs that they refill. Both Jane and Aimee are mindful of the supply chain and environmental impact of their products and are full of knowledge and information around the myths, misconceptions and methods of home cleaning. 

Wholegrain Organics are a registered charity that operate like a business to support and educate young people through their program, Hand on Food. Students learn to cook and serve nutritious and mindfully prepared meals benefiting body and planet. Wholegrain Organics are devoted to providing healthy, hand made food. This includes milling their flour, making spreads, sprouting grains and adding a little love to each product.

Underground Soapery are a “little business from a garage in Stokes Valley” and are committed to creating natural, plant-based and sustainable products that reduce chemicals and plastics. They believe that through sticking to their values, they can encourage others to do the same and minimise the impacts on the planet.

Fantail Grove are a Wairappa based company that strive to produce “sustainably grown, fresh quality produce using organic principles”. Their olives are all cold pressed to produce high quality certified extra virgin olive oils. In addition to Olive oil, Fantail Grove, produce hazelnuts, horseradish and grapes.

Vigor and Vitality are passionate about shifting the way we consume food by providing a dairy and sugar-free mylk alternative, which is also Tetra pak free. They create a large variety of natural, stone-ground nut and seed mylk concentrates that can be mixed with water to create the perfect consistency for you. They also offer incentives for cafes and stores to return their jars.

Katie Smith hand-blends organic tea and herbal infusions right here in Wellington. Through the tea, she encourages people to slow down through the ritual whether they are looking for a healthy way to relax, recharge or reconnect. She sources her tea from the Idulgashinna plantation in Sri Lanka, the world’s oldest organic tea plantation. And ensures she only uses Fairtrade and organic tea. Ritual tea refill their bags for us to reduce packaging waste.