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As a country we throw away 157,398 tonnes of edible food each year, producing 409,234 tonnes of carbon emissions. Food is a basic human need and many people in our community are living without it. Below are our favourite groups that are tackling food waste and food poverty.

Kaibosh is New Zealand’s first food rescue organisation and have been operating for over a decade. They intercept food waste by being the link between “the food industry and community groups and charities that support people in need. This ensures that quality surplus food reaches those who are struggling rather than being needlessly discarded. Over the past 10 years Kaibosh have diverted 1,135,622kg of food from going to landfill and provided over 3,118,744 meals to the community. You can volunteer, donate or support their many events through the year.

The Free Store believes that members of out community should not be going hungry, when there is plenty of surplus food. They “freely redistribute quality, fresh surplus food from Wellington's eateries directly to those who need it”, no questions asked, making sure that access to quality food is not dependent on access to money. “The Free Store is an inclusive space built on a foundation of mutual respect, generosity and friendship”.

Kaicycle is working to reduce the amount of food and organic waste in Wellington landfills through their love of the brown gold... Compost. They collect food scraps on E-bikes from homes and businesses and take it to their urban farm in Newtown. Here they turn that waste into compost.
Check them out to get involved or sign up to get your compost collected.

Inspired by the movement in Britain of the same name, Love Food, Hate Waste New Zealand focuses on New Zealand based statistics and resources. In order to reduce the environmental and financial cost around food waste and the waste itself, “WasteMINZ has partnered with 60 councils and community groups and the Ministry for the Environment to deliver Love Food Hate Waste campaign over 3 years in Aotearoa."

There are plenty of community gardens around the city. Through expanding and supporting community gardens, we not only, connect, develop skills and eat locally, we build resilience as a city.
You can find a list of the Community Gardens and contacts here, as well as information on Fruit Tree Guardians here

Most of these gardens have community composts. 

Share Waste connects people who want to compost with people who have the facilities to compost, have a worm farm or raise chickens. Not only is this a great way to stop food scraps heading to landfill, but it is a great way to connect and get to know your neighbours.