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Community led waste reduction programs have been successfully initiated and sustained across the country. The passion and drive these communities have for reducing waste in their local area is a example of what can be done through awareness, education and understanding how we interact with the life-cycle of products.  

XZW Raglan work together as a community to achieve zero waste and facilitate diversion from landfill. In 1998 the local community began researching alternatives to landfill and are now currently diverting 75% of their waste by turning it into a resource. Through Zero Waste Education, Restoration, Community Mentoring and Community Workshops on Zero-waste topics, they have become one of the leading community-led waste warrior groups in New Zealand, providing advice to over 46 groups across the country.

Wanaka Wastebusters has been in operation since 1999 when the local community decided they were sick of sending things to landfill. A recycling centre and re-use station was opened the following year. Since then Wanaka Wastebuster has become a community owned social enterprise and employs over 37 people. Wastebusters core services are business and events recycling, drop-off recycling, reuse shops, education for sustainability, advocacy and support of waste minimisation. 
Sometimes the work is smelly and hard, but the big picture makes it worthwhile. Some day there will be life without waste, and everyone who has been part of Wastebusters will be able to say, “We helped make that happen”.

The Sustainability Trust is a social enterprise that “supports Wellington people to create warm, healthy homes and to reduce their impact on the environment”. They provide independent advice, sell products and run community programmes that help their community to reduce their impact on the planet.